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10 SEO Techniques To Improve Your Blog Rank

How to Improve Blog RankingIf you own a website or a blog or anything related to internet and would like to earn from it, you don’t have to worry. This is for the reason that there are 10 SEO techniques to improve your blog rank. Keep in mind, if your site is on the top of every search engines, it means that it is on higher chances that people will choose to click your URL and so, you will be having higher traffic, making you profit. If you would like to make things lighter on your side, here are the 10 SEO techniques to improve your blog rank you can use:

Title and Meta Tags

Title tag is an essential thing for ranking into the pages of search engine results. It is the main text describing the online documents and a vital thing for the on-page SEO. The maximum characters you could use for the title tag is 70 characters only. On the other hand, Meta tags are better assistance for the search engine to understand your blog’s niche. There are various types of meta tags just like the meta keywords or meta description that helps to bring your blog to the potential audiences.

Header Tags

It has to be for the headings and must only be used for making the words in a bold mode. Putting up the keywords within these tags is definitely an essential for you to get the visits on the keywords.

Quality Backlinks

Backlinks directing to your site will surely help you out for enhancing your rank. Those backlinks from the well-ranked websites are powerful and will definitely give your site a good influence online.

Organized web page linking

If you link up your web pages in an arranged manner, it will help search engines to easily crawl upon your website. You will only lose your desired position if you did linking in a wrong way.


You have to give an essence on the spelling, as it greatly influences page ranking. Otherwise, search engines will only take it negatively for improving your rank.

RSS feeds

It will be the one to help you for better search engine optimization and for other things as well. Making one and submitting to directories will help you for improving your page rank.

Make use of social media

Most of the people these days are using social media like Facebook, twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and more. You can use this to your own advantage, making your website known to them.

Use blog directories

There are number of directories where you could submit your blog. It is a better way for you to enrich your page rank.

Update your blog or website

You must always update your blogs and website on a regular manner. Those things mentioned above will only be useless if you could not update it regularly. It will only prove that you are an active blogger or online marketer.

Speed of your page load

If you have quick loading website, then search engines may give you reward. How can you do this? Well, start shrinking those images on your site or blog.


Taking those 10 SEO techniques to improve your blog rank in mind would be a better way for you to get the online success you desire.

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    Understanding the customer demand and giving high quality content is whole seo for your site, as far as i learnt from google.

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    now a days social media is the playing big role in seo and in search engine ranking.

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    Very good tips. I was not aware of misspellings. Its worth checking out this in more detail. Thank you. 

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    Just Remember the Google Panda and Penguin…..

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