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4 Deadly Online Reputation Management Mistake you Must Avoid

Online Reputation Management has become the need of the hour with the evolution of social media and social networking. Your online reputation includes all that is heard and said of you in the sprawling, yet easily assessable World Wide Web. It is important that you make and not just make but further protect your reputation on the internet. You would not let yourself be projected negatively, no matter where. Would you?



Online Reputation Management, though sounds quite simple, sometimes it gets worse and unmanageable, especially if you mess up with some online social rules. Repairing damaged online reputation takes expertise, time and strategy. This is exactly where online reputation management firms come in. They help you get your (deserving) place back in the online society. This in-turn influences how well your business runs and ultimately influences how happy and esteemed you feel. Hence it is advisable to go for such reputation management consultants.


However, if you want some DIY advice, here are some deadly mistakes you can avoid doing online, in order to safeguard you rep on the web –


Being Unprincipled:
While engaging online it is better to have some principles in place; some kind of accepted and ethical way of behavior. Though your online fans or followers may not be against your friendly nature (they would love it indeed), make sure you are not crossing the line. Limit your shares to the context. Ensure that they won’t project you as unprofessional. The best way to do this is by making a rule book about what to do and what not to do online.


A simple case would be-

What would you think of a spiritual blogger when you find him tweeting about a bachelor party he enjoyed last night?


Not Engaging in Comment:

While posting new content is a king to delivering a product, promoting it is marketing the product, responding on the reader’s comments, feedback or doubts is like customer service to the product. I am sure I need not tell you how important customer service in any business. Hence engaging or interacting with your post’s readers in the comments section is another important aspect. Your online reputation is decided by the kind of responses you give to your readers.


Ask yourself – Am I polite? Am I assertive enough? How can people perceive my comment?


If you have already messed up in this area, try moderating those comments soon and rebuild a rapport with your readers.


But if the situation seems beyond repair, better go to a Reputation management consultant.


Misdealing Reviews: Reviews to a large extent control your rep; be it positive or negative. You need to deal with both kinds of reviews.

Dealing with positive reviews?




Why not promote the review (indirectly)?


Why not use an extract of it as a testimonial on you website?


Coming to negative reviews, get them flagged if they are posted on a dedicated blog/webpage by Google.


But never try to be arrogant with such reviewers. It only adds up to your already bad reputation.


Since dealing with and getting down negative reviews a generally out of one’s reach its better to hire a reputation management service to do the job for you.


Not checking all Social Sites: This is a big mistake. Once you have set up your presence in any social network, make your presence felt. This helps in two ways


- Makes you social


- Any reputation attack on any social site is immediately brought to your notice, letting you make quick decisions and act instantly (Before your rep gets smacked badly).


This is all I believe one can do to manage online reputation by oneself. Further action would be opting to pay for an experienced reputation management firm.


Author Bio: Linda Schmidt is a copywriter and editor who specialized in writing about online reputation management and how to protect brand reputation by turning negative reviews in to positive testimonials about their services/products.

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