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5+ Best SEO Tools Of The Year 2012

Best tools of 2012Search Engine Optimization is not a new term for the bloggers anymore. The term was first brought in consideration by Bruce Clay and John Audette in 1997. Initially the algorithms of the search engine were quite simple and easy. It was not a tough task for the bloggers or the webmasters to saturate their web page with Keywords. Consequently getting a good ranking in the search engine was also simpler.

By the time Search Engine Optimization is getting trickier and vast. Using just keywords is not enough to get a good ranking in Google search engine. New and latest tools are now available over internet which could be used to get a good SEO for your blog or a website.

Search Engines are developing and updating rapidly and thus you as a blogger also need to keep on changing your SEO tools to develop simultaneously. Get update with your SEO tools and keep your blogs and website well optimized.

I am here to share some of the best SEO tools of year 2012 that you can use to make your blog or the website a success. Keep on reading to know more about them :


This is a free tool and is also one of the oldest SEO tools available over internet. The best part about SEOMOZ is that it helps you in linking and saves your time considerably. This tool helps you to identify 10,000 links and then you can prioritize them as per your requirements.

2. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This free SEO tool is highly recommended by the bloggers. This tools actually spiders the scripts, links, CSS, images and apps. SEO spider also fetched the SEO elements present on the page. If you are using this tool you can audit, analyze and review any site on the internet. You can check the SEO of that particular site as well. The meta description, page title and heading are the key elements fetched by the Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

3. SEOquake

It is one of the most handy SEO tools available in the market. The best part is that it works in almost every browser Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer and many foreign language browsers as well. This tool gathers all the necessary information about any blog or website like the page rank, Alexa ranking, Google index and much more. The tool has a keyword density tool in it which calculates the keyword density used in any page of the blog. It also segregates the no-follow links of the blog. SEO quake comes with an easy to install toolbar.

4. Google Analytics

This is one of the most important tools from Google which helps in keeping the trackback of your website of blog. It gives complete details of your website traffic and the source of traffic as well. A complete overview of your website traffic helps the blogger to update the blog accordingly.

5. Google Keyword Tool

The name itself suggests that it is a keyword research tool from Google. It is also known as the PPC tool. This tool is highly recommended by the bloggers all over the world. It helps getting numerous ideas about the keywords and the targeted phrases suitable to your blog niche.

6. Google Webmaster Tools

This tool is best to understand the conversions and impressions to your websites. Using this tool can improve your website’s visibility significantly. You can also get the details of your page’s visibility. This tool also gives you the details about the specific problems faced by the Google crawlers while crawling your page.

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This is a guest post in Blogager by Ilya Elbert. Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Services Phoenix and Phoenix Computer Repair national service organizations.

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    is a great list of tools Ilya-cheers. I just wanted to mention a tool that
    we’ve been using called rankranger which gathers tons of keyword, ranking, and backlink
    data and puts it into reports. I figured this might be a useful tool to mention
    because it saved us a lot of headaches!

    • http://shresthaelvis.altervista.org Elvis Shrestha

      Thanks for the comment Drew, please stay subscribed.

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