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About Us

Blogager’s mission is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge on how to make money online, social media, technology and helping bloggers succeed online.

Blogager is one of the largest independent news source dedicated to covering blogging tips, social media, making money online and technology. Blogager’s 200K monthly unique visitors and 10K  social media followers have become one of the most engaged online blogs.


Elvis Shrestha founded Blogager 2011 in Dubai, UAE. His passion for sharing how to make money online, web tools and social networks were transforming human interactions and reshaping cultures drove him to create what would become Blogager.


Blogager’s Statement on Ethics

Blogager is committed to reporting on all companies and individuals fairly and without bias. Members of the editorial team are prohibited from writing about companies and/or individuals where they have personal relationships or financial interests. As part of the ethical guidelines, guest bloggers and editors do not accept gifts, freebies or travel expenses from sources or subjects; coverage is not influenced by advertisers; and advertising and supported content are clearly identified as such.


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    Elvis Shrestha is the founder and CEO of Blogager, a fastest growing site and one of the largest and most popular destinations for blogging tips, social media, making money online and technology news and information with more than 200K pageviews per month. Blogager has been named a must-read site by both Fast Companies and PC Magazines.

    Elvis founded Blogager in 2011 as a blog focused on ways to make money online and advertisement reviews. Since then, Blogager quickly grew to be a Pagerank 5 blog and most profitable blogs in UAE. It now focuses on ways to make money online, social media updates, tech and gadget news, smartphones, blogging tips and SEO which shows a great increase in the types of niches introduced.


    Elvis was born in November 09, 1997 in Kathmandu, Nepal and now lives with his mother in Dubai, UAE. Elvis Shrestha is the youngest blogger of Dubai as per g|uae google conference in Dubai (UAE).

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