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Product features:

• Authentic taste from whole coffee beans
• 10 cup jug capacity
• Contemporary brushed aluminium finish
• Programmable
• Water filter

The coffee machine that does all the work

The Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Machine is a sleek, top of the range coffee maker from leading brand Cuisinart. Unlike machines from other manufacturers, the Grind and Brew grinds coffee beans shortly before they are brewed so an authentic, fresh taste is guaranteed every time. To grind the beans, simply place them inside and press the button and the machine will do the work; it really is that simple. Should you, however, prefer to use ground coffee, then the ‘Grind Off’ function will enable you to do so.

The speed and efficiency of the machine is a key feature, as it can produce up to ten cups of coffee in an impressive eight minutes: ideal in an office or if you have several guests for dinner and wish to serve coffee to them all simultaneously. The machine is also designed for maximum convenience and minimal waste; instead of using disposable filter papers, coffee is filtered through a permanent gold-tone filter, producing fantastic coffee with no loss of taste. Filtered water is boiled within the machine, passed through the freshly-ground coffee beans and through the paperless filter. It really is as simple and fully automated as that.

Fresh coffee, when you want it

One of the most useful features is the 24 hour programmable auto start, which allows you to set the Grind and Brew to automatically activate at any time of day, such as first thing in the morning when you wake up. Imagine awaking to the pleasant odours of freshly-brewed coffee wafting through your house!

Warm coffee, every time

The brushed aluminium finish is stylish and contemporary and would be a great cosmetic addition to the modern kitchen. With a double-wall insulated carafe and a vacuum-sealed lid, coffee is kept warm for up to twelve hours, meaning a continual supply throughout the day. Of equal importance is the auto-shut off function which shuts off the machine four hours after brewing.


Simple, authentic, convenient
With The Cuisinart Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Machine you can expect a perfect cup every time at your convenience. With a range of valuable simple to use features, it’s the coffee machine you will probably wish you had bought earlier.

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