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Google weather widget for iOS and Android unleashed

Google has always astounded us with breakthrough updates and always been the forerunners of web development. This time goggle has implemented a structure keeping in mind the requirements of the people who like to check in the internet before stepping out to get a insight of the prevailing weather conditions along with the ongoing traffic on street. Here comes the clever and chic addition to Google’s search interface which is visible on tablets. This is available both on iOS and Android.Just when you search for weather a whole new optimized widget appears on your screen brings to you your local current weather. By this widget you can see the weather reports of any place just by entering the city’s name and the zip code. Besides this Google gives to hourly and forecast for the coming ten days on the basis of precipitation, temperature, wind speed and humidity. It is just now that Google has officially confirmed such wonderful enhancement on Google+. Going by the new design it seems that the designing masterminds have been taking the cues from Android’s newly formulated Google Now feature.


A bit early of this year Google launched a similar widget for Android and iPhone phones. All being said and done the design on Google+ is significantly different and it is confined to three to five days forecast which is again dependant on the size and the orientation of your screen. But the phone widget has a close resemblance with the tablet widget and both are supposedly very interactive in nature. On the other hand the version of Google search you get on your desktop is the leat informative one. On the desktop you will get a maximum of three day’s forecast with little or no interaction. On contrary the less interactivity is fed by the result link carrying you to Weather Underground and AccuWeather: There is a fair chance of Google bringing together these varied interfaces on varied output device. An interesting fact about this widget is that the tablet interface uses an almost similar layout and identical minimalistic icons that are present in Google Now which is the company’s recent tryst in contextual search utility.

Google’s analytical expertise now tracks down your search behavior and other evidences before displaying relevant details, personalized weather data, scores for sports that you have searched earlier along with keeping a note of your calendar appointments, prevailing traffic conditions of your locality that would be influencing your local commutation. As of now these features are only restricted to jelly bean. After studying these features uniquely one cannot help but say that these features are likely to be included in Google search over a period of time. It may find its way to the Google homepage gradually transforming the entire look and feel of it.

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