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Home Improvement in the 21st Century: Top iPhone Apps

Nowadays life is very busy. The world has filled itself with labor-saving devices, but instead of using these labor saving devices so that we can relax more, we have found new ways to entertain and busy ourselves. Home improvement has been pushed down our list of priorities which is why it is so hard to find time for it. Yet again technology comes to the rescue, as there are now home improvement apps, which will help you to save time with your home improvement projects.




This app gives you over 150,000 images of different rooms in beautifully decorated houses. It is good for providing you with inspiration for your new home improvement task. It also comes with product suggestions for your home improvement designs. The best thing about this app is that it is free, so you will not feel guilty about deleting the app when you are all finished with your home improvement task. It gives you suggestions for products, but is not much help for pricing the project. which is not going to help you if you start looking for home insurance quotes.


ColorSmart by BEHR


This is an app that allows you to look through a massive range of colors. The improvement over using a paint catalog is its impressive “color match” function. This allows you to take a photo of a color, and the app will create a color that is a match to it. If you want to see how the color looks on walls then you can apply it to walls in the app. They have pre-designed rooms on the app, so all you need to do is pick the room that looks the most like yours and apply the color to it.


Mark on Call


This app allows you to map out the room you want to decorate. You then add the shape of your walls and the items within your room onto the map. You can add flooring and furniture, and you can pick different colors and fabrics for the walls and furnishings. It allows you to put your ideas down into something that you can reference at a later date.




Your first port of call should be your Houzz app so that you can get a little bit of inspiration for your room. After that it is time to start looking at colors, and your ColorSmart app by BEHR should help you to pick and blend the colors you are going to choose. Finally, once you have your ideas all in your mind’s eye, it is time to get them down in digital form with your Mark on Call app. Once you have planned your room, you can start searching out the tools and products you need to make your plans a reality. You can still keep checking on your inspiration app to be sure you are following the style you desire, and you can use your Mark on Call app to reference your plans to make sure you have not deviated too much from your original designs.


Adam Vaught is a DIY enthusiast who enjoys using Phone apps to make jobs easier and save time. He writes about these apps on a range of DIY / Home Decor blogs. Visit homeinsurance.com and get a quote for your valuable home contents.

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