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Android Giving You The Real Time View Via Augmented Reality Apps

Useful Android appsFirst of all ‘Augmented reality’ stands for a view of the real time environment directly or indirectly where sensory input augments the elements like sound, graphics or GPS. In smartphones, this technology is applied through 3G connections and camera. The perceptions of the user of the real world are enhanced by these apps. Thus, augmented apps have a large application in making Android phone work reliably and efficiently. Here are some augmented apps that are considered as the best apps for Android.

Google mobile App

It is very well known that Google is the largest search engine in the world. So, this app is almost available in every mobile platform consisting Android and iOS. On using this App one can click a picture and run a search process in it.


This is also one of the best applications which are available for Android and iPhone. This reality app uses AR technology to produce layers of digital information in one’s phone. This app also includes gaming and twitter integration.

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T-800 vision

This app helps the user to reform the cybrog vision of Terminator from films. It basically helps in displaying random scanning graphics. You can make a great profile pic for facebook.


This particular app finds the nearest hotspots for the user. One has to only put his phone up and the app will do its work. It also gives a good direction and strength to each wi-fi network.

AR Commando

People who are interested in FPS games then this app will act as a gift. This app helps you to choose from a variety of shooters having sniper rifle, assault rifle etc. and there is an amazing sound effect. It is mostly used in iPhones.

Pocket Universe

One can know the names of each and every constellations, stars and planet in the universe by using this app. It uses the built-in compass to display the same image of the creatures as we originally see.


This app is free with Android, iPhone and from Nokia Ovi store. One can explore the surroundings using the phone camera. It also provides accessibility to restaurants, Wikipedia articles, location-based tweets and it also provides accessibility to GPS actions.

AR Invaders

It is mainly an alien-based invasion game with some special advantages of augmented reality. The main theme of the game is the player is the part of Earth’s Resistance Forces and he/she has to offend the attack by alien ships using the target pointer in their screen. AR stands for the reality presented in the graphics of the app where one can get authentic experience of battle field.

Droid shooting

This is also another gaming app where it provides you the freedom of opening fire on groups of the pesky green robots who are floating around in the surroundings. One can know where the robots are before blasting them by looking at the radar at the corner of the screen. Therefore we can say that it provides a great gaming experience.

London Tube

This app mainly helps you to find nearest tube stations using the handset camera. The specialty is that it only captures the tube stations within 1km radius so that one can reach quickly without wasting much time.

So, these are some of the most essential Apps that are required by the Android phone users in order to get full benefit of Android phones.

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