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SkyHook positing systems paving road towards new technology

You must remember about the company which fed to the growth of apple iOS for its location services and set the stones of WiFI positioning rolling. Yes its skyhook. SkyHook is the leading giant that has been providing information about the location and position of objects and people all over the world. SkyHook is the mastermind behind the development of WiFi access all though the populated areas of the world and the one who devised the notable WPS system. These technologies have been providing the precise location and information about the indoor location in urban areas. This company reached its heights in 2008 at the Macworld Conference & Expo when Steve Jobs announced that apple would use SkyHook WiFi and positioning system for iPOD Touch.


Skyhook has announced the launch of its latest set of developer’s kit for android. There are two major features in this kit that the developers have promised to add. This feature will add on some new capabilities to android apps in the near future. The new SDK with its on location feature works at the background of your mobile system and that promises to run on your mobile without draining your phone’s battery.


This SDK has walked a step ahead with a new feature. It is the first in location space which is also known as In-Flight Location sharing.  This is quite a breakthrough in this field. Now you can share data and files even 36,000 feet above the ground. Keeping in mind that the flight authority doesn’t actually allow people to use gps system in flight SkyHook had to find a way out of this rule. To meet this end SkyHook has cleverly utilizes the same public sources which the flight tracker like FlightAware and FlightStats uses. There should be a WiFi connection on the plan for users to access this system but this is something that is yet not a standard attribute in all airlines. Now the interesting trivia about SkyHook is that the developers need not even mention on which flight they are travelling. Then how does the company figures out the network connection of a particular airline? What is a million dollar question to us is what SkyHook call ‘magic’.

Taking cue from SkyHook Glympse has already started implementing its apps into this newfound technology. The SkyHook new in-flight location has given them a new platform to share the app Glympse. Their goal is to let the users to share their present location with their friends and family.
The new SDK always-on feature enables the apps to check the exact location of user every 30 seconds throughout the day that has little or no influence at all on the battery life of the mobile. This is tall claim that SkyHook can work on its own without having much impact on the battery life of the mobile. This was a long clutter that people in the business were trying to unwrap and it’s now that it has been made possible by SkyHook.

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