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Best PC Repair Utility Tools

Autoruns Detector:

It is a free application which helps to manage and control the startup applications in your system similar to Msconfig (default application from Microsoft). It can help in displaying your files which are present in startup folder, files which are launched through Task scheduler, registry open documents, certain important system applications which start automatically during system boot up. It provides you control over startup applications and you can disable applications which you do not want to run during startup. You can know the location of startup files through this application and remove the once from startup folder, if you don’t want them to auto-start during login. You can also manage other locations like tools, IE assistant objects, auto-start providers and Winlogon notifications. It is compatible with XP and Windows 7.

PC Registry Cleaner:

It is very good application to repair faulty applications in your desktop and enhance the performance of your machine. When you keep uninstalling and installing applications, over a period of time lot of junk and duplicate files get accumulated in windows registry which impacts your overall system performance. These junk files could be duplicate entries of existing applications, left out DLL and system files after uninstallation, broken hyperlinks etc. which cause system failures, crashes and other problems that destabilize your PC.  PC registry cleaner is an excellent freeware application that can be downloaded online and used to scan such errors in your PC and fix them in a secure manner. It scans the entire registry and fixes the issues by removing all unwanted files.

Tweak UI:

It is freeware tool designed by Microsoft which helps to customize certain UI related options in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. You can customize various things in User Interface like removing white arrow which appears on shortcut icons, disable autoplay feature, configure print and file sharing settings, customize what short-cuts like Alt-Tab do etc. Even though it has a simple user-interface you can perform a variety of tasks like repairing your font folder, repairing your hot keys, customizing icons, repair registry entries etc. For people using Windows XP who want to customize their operating system, this is definitely a very useful tool.



Have you lost important files in your PC which you accidentally deleted without your knowledge? Recuva is very powerful file-recovery program which can help you recover lost files from your hard disk, MP3 player or memory cards etc. It’s a free ware application developed by Piriform which can be downloaded from their website http://www.piriform.com/recuva. The various features of this powerful tool include,

  1. Recovering lost files from formatted or corrupted hard disks
  2. Recovering deleted e-mails
  3. Recovering lost music tracks in iPods.
  4. Recover unsaved Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents
  5. Recover lost files from memory cards


Double Killer

Another freeware application from Bigbang enterprises, Double Killer helps to scan and remove duplicate files in your system. It will scan through entire hard disk and search for duplicate files based on combination of size, content, file name, modification date etc. You can restrict searching of particular format files alone by providing extensions like *.dll, *.mp3 based on what files you know have duplicate entries.


CCleaner is yet another freeware system optimization and cleaning tool from Piriform. It helps to improve system performance by removing all unused files in system registry. It also scans the temporary internet files and removes files in system cache that have been remaining unused for long time. Apart from erasing internet history and unused files in your cache, it also protects your privacy online. By removing unused files it helps to free up hard disk space and also improves system performance.


It is an important freeware application from Piriform which can help in repairing files in your hard disk and improve your system performance. It scans your entire hard drive and performs disk defragmentation which is process of arranging files in contiguous memory blocks so that they can be accessed easily. It is compatible with both FAT32 and NTFS based file systems.


Tuneup Utilites:

TuneUp Utilities a powerful freeware application from TuneUp, a Florida based Software Company. This application helps to boost system performance, enhance battery life and customize UI settings etc. It has more than 30 in-built tools that help in repairing and fixing issues with your system which affects its performance. The recent 2012 version has a Program Deactivator which restores fifty percent of free space and speed on bogged-down machines. There is a special Economy mode that helps in improving the battery life of your notebooks up to 30%. The revamped Start Center helps to fully optimize your system. You can also manage startup files, tweak UI settings like changing wall paper, login screen, windows themes, Icon sets etc.

Unstoppable Copier:

Another interesting PC repair Unility which helps to recover files from corrupted and damaged hard disks. You can recover files from hard disks with bad sectors, scratches or physically damaged disks. It will scan every readable part of file and convert it to single contingous file that can be used. It also has backup options to take back up of important system files on scheduled intervals. It is very useful utility which can be installed in important data servers.



It is another PC repair tool which helps to monitor the health of your computer hardware by continuously monitoring system temperature, fan speed, voltages etc. It is compatible with major sensor chips like Winbond ICs, ITE IT87 etc. It is also compatible with modern processor and help in monitoring the temperature of Graphics Processing Units (GPU) in video cards, and heat accumulated in hard drives. By doing so, you can know whether the system in normal or you can turn off your machine for some time, if the temperature or voltage consumption is high.


This application helps to scan for any malicious applications like Spyware, Malware, Dialers, Keyloggers, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits, Adware etc. By removing such dangerous applications you can safeguard your system from security threats and ensure good performance. It’s one of the best anti-spyware products which is available free of cost to all users.

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