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Top 3 Ways to Make Your Print Marketing Look More Professional

Print marketing materials run the gamut as far as your average business is concerned; we’re talking about brochures, business cards, printed surveys, magazines, letterheads and many more. When you’re starting out in business and are looking to create striking print marketing materials, it can be hard to know where to begin if you don’t have the appropriate knowledge. In this post, we’ll examine three major points you need to take into consideration in order to create an impactful batch of print marketing materials.





1. Don’t Compromise on Quality


The state of the economy notwithstanding, it is important not to cut corners when it comes to creating and printing these materials. When you’re picking out material for the printing, aim for thick printing paper, which is typically 100lb stock paper. Frankly speaking, this kind of paper isn’t so expensive when you compare it with its predecessor, the 80lb stock paper. You might also be tempted to outsource your work to a design student online or something of the sort; this puts you at risk of having half-baked work being passed off as professionally created material. This can hurt your company image and reputation, as there’s nothing as bad as having your printed material look like they were done by an amateur. Additionally, if you decide to do the printing yourself, make sure to use appropriate software such as CorelDraw so that the graphics and fonts look slick and well laid out. The important point to note here is that you should always strive to come up with original and quality material that will represent your company professionally.



2. Stand Out


It’s easy to take a template that’s used by most people and have this as a basis for your print marketing material. The problem with this decision is that there won’t be a way to differentiate between your marketing material and the stuff being produced by your competitors. Visibility and originality are some of the qualities that make up successful brands; this is what you should aim for. Don’t just use the fonts that came with your design software package. Scour the Internet for interesting yet professional fonts and colors to use in the initial stages of design so you can create material that makes a statement. At the same time, look at the material coming from your competitors and use them as a yardstick in creating your print marketing material.



3. The Value of Strong Visual Images and Simplicity


When creating your company brochure or newsletter, you want to make sure that the front cover has a visually appealing image to attract people to pick it up. Having images of smiling people or beautiful vistas can go a long way in making a great first impression. Along with these images, please don’t forget to add a short description that acts as a teaser, coaxing a reader to open up the publication in order to see what’s inside. Craft powerful and short headlines that stimulate curiosity. The material should also contain easy to read content that communicates a message using short and accessible descriptions. Lastly, have a call to action that influences a prospective customer to pick up the phone and call for more information, or email you so they can book a visit.


These three simple concepts can go a long way in helping you create fabulous print marketing materials that work for you and your target audience. Have fun with it, and let your creativity take over for maximum effectiveness.


Kathryn Thornton has experience in the marketing industry. Her articles mainly appear on business marketing blogs. Visit http://www.phoenix-direct.co.uk for printer ink solutions.

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