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Top Presentation Apps for Android Smartphone

Presentations are a vital factor while explaining the business plan to the sub-ordinates or marketing a product through visual presentation. The success of a deal largely depends on the beauty of the presentation. Imagine a situation, where a person is in the middle of a presentation in a delegate meeting and all of a sudden, the screen turns white leaving a very bad impression on the counterparts. To avoid such embarrassing situations, a person should be aware of good presentation apps to be used for making presentations. Androids offer a variety of presentation apps out of which some are really handy and useful.


Here is a list of the top presentation apps for androids:


  1. Power point Open Office remote

    Topping our list is the free presentation app, featuring a remote. It works well with Power point as well as the Open Office. The moment it’s installed, it enables the user to use his android smart phone as a remote control for the presentation. The App works well with Windows, Mac and Linux alike and the striking feature of this app is that it lets you preview the presentation on your android smart phone, no matter if there are video or audio files associated with the presentation. This app lets the android smart phone work as an amazing remote control device for the presentation.

  2. Presenter

    Another free amazing remote control presenter which works well with Windows, Mac and Linux is “Presenter”. The feature that was missing in the Power point Open Office Remote has been found in this amazing app that is “Bluetooth”. This app is the easiest of all to connect to the system. It uses a barcode to connect to the system and is easy to setup. Apart from these features, this app also inherits volume keys which make it easier to monitor the presentation.

  3. Remote for Power Point

    This is the most popular and without any possible doubt, the best app for the control of power point presentation. Although this app works only with Windows but it features so many attributes that it’s worthwhile to use this app spending your valuable money. The installation of this app is extremely easy, and this app shows the slides running on the phone so it becomes easy for the presenter to shuffle between the slides. In a nutshell, this app is the best app available in the market for android if your presentation is lined up on Windows.

  4. Quick Office Pro

    This app enables the user to create, edit the Ms Office files while on a go. This app supports some incredible features like building of charts within the presentation, bullet lists to name a few. The users have given this app 4/5 rating and it proves out to be the best in the list. It also facilitates the sharing of presentations through emails, Bluetooth, etc. This is the best app to create presentations and sharing them with the counterparts. It’s easy to use and has some incredible features missing from other apps.

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