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Watching 3D TV through glasses, what next?

Watching 3D TV through glasses, what next?

This season, entertainment has attained a spectacular new dimension. If you have missed some of cinema’s greatest blockbusters on the 3D big screen or are yearning for the 3D experience during a football match, all you need is a 3D TV package. With 3D TV, you can now re-live some of entertainment’s most memorable moments at your leisure. The fantasy of Avatar, or the brilliance of Lionel Messi can all be experienced from within the cosy comfort of your very own home. There is no need no to wait in line at the cinema halls for getting your does of 3D experience.


3D had really brought these events to life, with the viewing experience significantly enhanced. For instance, if you had watched the 2012 Ryder Cup last year in 3D, you would have seen the incredible drama and emotion of that incredible last day. The close ups, the tension and the actual play itself are all heightened with this 3D viewing experience.

3D technology in television manages to make the viewer perceive depth using technological systems, which includes three dimensional display facilities. With the 3D TV onboard, viewers can now watch movies and television programmes, and play video games in 3D without having to step out of their homes. This is a truly revolutionary experience in television and will influence people’s expectations of what they want from their television viewing experience in the future.

Among the pioneers in this entertainment-technology revolution is Sky. It now brings viewers some of the latest and advanced technology in television-watching. Sky 3D is one of Europe’s best 3D TV channels, which now offers the fascination of the 3D experience in the comfort of one’s very own home. Sky, for one, offers the: Sky+High Definition box, Sky World High Definition, a 3D TV, and 3D glasses. Though some companies are working on the three dimensional experience without glasses, at the moment, most 3D TV sets are accompanied with special or 3D glasses. However, this is something that may change in the future as 3DTV becomes ever increasingly popular and also affordable.

3D TV has revolutionised the television watching experience. It is another technological breakthrough that has made entertainment all the more real. Some of the world’s greatest documentaries and educational programmes can now come alive and capture the minds of children. Detail and the finer aspects of the big screen are now yours from within your home. For all football fans, you can now catch the live games and believe you are actually at the game itself. Watch the adorable Po the Panda come alive with Kung Fu Panda 2 and enjoy some of the most exciting animation, all on 3D TV. With the magic of 3D, you can now feel like you are part of the action; be it sports, classic cinema, or animated films. No longer do you have to suffer in normal 2DTV, when there is now 3DTV available to the masses.

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